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The event nears its final moments.. the score is close.. the winner will hold the trophy high, the other will goes home with a sour taste in their mouth, unable to glide to victory. One athlete begins to feel the pressure, starts thinking about the process he/she needs to perform, loosing control of precision and flow…

The opposing athlete is calm and their stuff just gets better.. with an even greater sense of clarity..

The first athlete falls apart in utter chaos while the other cruises to victory.


What is the Difference?


Have you ever wondered what makes the difference between a talented athlete and an elite athlete? Of course it is practice, conditioning, talent, but the TRUTH is, that is not enough…

The KEY is found in the training difference that EVERY ELITE-level player uses…



Ballroom Dance Competitions


The Mental Game


The mental game is what keeps you grounded, focused, and able to achieve your highest level of performance. It gives you that serious edge that will separate you from the competition. Without the right mental game training you can easily fall victim to common pitfalls:

Losing your focus between events 


Overwhelming feelings                  




Career crippling slumps                

Slipping up under pressure          

Losing sight of your strategy       

Letting the competition get to you

Perform Like an Elite Athlete - Greater Boston Hypnosis Center

Mental Sports Training allows:


Ninja-like self control          

Increased awareness           

   Powerful mental conditioning

           High performance under pressure


The Mental Game - Greater Boston Hypnosis Center



In addition, using Mental Imagery Training improves raw performance.


There are countless studies done by the US Olympic Committee that prove the incredible value of extensive use of imagery.

Victory is Yours- The Mental Game - Greater Boston Hypnosis Center

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Stay on ‘Top’ of your Mental Game.




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