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 Hypnosis can allow you to achieve your goals** easily.


Confidence     Weight Loss     Motivation    Self-Image   Study Habits   Business Success

Fears      Anger     Frustration      Difficulty Sleeping       Worry      Academic Performance

Guilt        Sports       Forgiveness          Stuttering               Nail Biting               Anxiety

Assertiveness         Public Speaking         Assist Healing            Memory           Overeating

Sexual Problems         Smoking          Artist Creativity           Stage Fright          Obsessions

Learning           Reach Goals           Procrastination          Change Habits            Relaxation

Improve Sales    Addictions  (Facebook)    Attitude Adjust     Fear of Dentist     Career Success

Bed Wetting          Sleep Disorders           Exam Anxiety         Relationships           Hair Twisting

Pain         Inhibition              Tardiness               Fear of Flying           Gambling         Intimacy

Fear of Heights     Perform Anxiety         Perfectionism       Fear of Animals         Social Anxiety

Communication           Defeating Behavior       Self-Criticism       Hopelessness         Irritability

Overly Critical           Controlling          Social Phobia         Panic Attacks             Discouraged

Temptation       Loss of Control       Fear of Failure          Self-Awareness          Fear of Success

Aggression             Lack of Ambition              Self-Esteem          Self-Control               Inferiority

Hostility             Superiority          Moodiness          Jealousy     Headaches          Fear of Water

Rejection           Shame              Past Life Regression             Change               Enthusiasm

Sadness              Writers Block              Insecurity             Tics            Mistrust        Hoarding

Victimization        Exercise      Compulsive Shopping      Anesthesia      Cravings       Creativity

Pre-surgical    Post-surgical      Trauma          Fear of School          Cramps           Chronic Pain

Problem Solving              Dreams             Responsibility      Stress         Immune System

Self-Forgiveness       Thumb Sucking        Relaxation        Self-Mastery       Anxiety of Dating

Fear of Tardiness         Fear of Spiders        Fear of Snakes           Compulsive Shopping

Test Anxiety            Shyness          Social Anxiety              Tennis           Improve Sales Skills 

Ballroom Dancing Peak Performance         Set and Achieve Goals                    Stop Teeth Grinding


even find lost and misplaced valuables …  




 all with Hypnosis









** All of the above goals and terms are the “usual and customary” usage of the general public, and should not be confused with the diagnostic vocabulary of medical and psychology communities.    I am not a doctor of medicine or a psychologist and I do not diagnose or treat medical or psychological illnesses.



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